How To Make Google Index My Site Faster (Simple Steps)

Go to Google Search Console

In Google Search, type "Google Search Console" and click on Start Now.

Navigate to the URL Inspection Tool

Now, click on the "URL Inspection" option below the Overview, which is selected by default.


Paste the URL You'd Like google to index into the search bar.

After this, paste the website URL you want Google to index in the search bar.

Wait for google to check the URL

Now, let Google retrieve the information of that URL, whether it is indexed or not.

Click The "Request Indexing" Button

After this, on the tab where it is written "URL is not on Google," below it, click on the "Request Indexing" option.

Remove Crawl Blocks in your Robots.txt file.

Once you have done that, the only task left is to remove the crawls blocks in your robot. text file

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