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Mobile App Development is one of the most searched queries on any of the search engines. Do you know why? Do you also want tailored app development solutions for your business idea? But before we get into the ocean of a tailored taxi app for you, let us understand the basics so that everyone will be on the same page. The Concept of taxi-booking apps is getting prevalent after taking inspiration from huge companies like Uber, Lyft, Gett, Grab, Curb, and many more. Once you have read the blog, you will find the answers to your questions which must be brimming in your mind.

Why Have Apps Like Uber and Lyft Become Popular Ride-Hailing Apps?

You must know that before they started with their apps, there were always old players, which can be other huge brands or unorganized sectors. They had to be better and understand the pain points that make them better than the competitors. So, let us talk about Lyft, how it managed to grow, what they were able to bring to the table, and which is better than UBER or unorganized sectors.

Affordable & Easiest Ride Booking – They brought the cleanest and most cost-effective ride booking, which is like you have to enter the place you want to go, and that’s how you get the nearest cab. They made their breakthrough by two things: they broke all the traditional taxi booking mindset with the latest and advanced technology and the easiest and most secure solutions. Secondly, they used the product principle of marketing where they provided lower fares than other competitors, and thus, more and more started using this app.

Analytical Approach – They have not only been able to get the passengers the best facilities, but their CSR activities have also gained real popularity. The vital points or accidents that touched American hearts were there to give the best and most affordable services to those in need.

Out of the Box – They kept the best riding conditions for the riders, like making them the best secure buttons in case of emergency or making them sit on the front seat to have better rider-driver communication. For the riders, they have provided loyalty programs and bonuses and let the driver customize their cars as per their tastes to make them have the best car driving experience.

What Are the Features You Will Get with Our App Development Solutions?

We have a huge bundle of features for you, the riders, and the drivers. Let us talk about them. Though the basic structure is the more features you want, there will be more complexity, and the cost will be more as well. 

For Drivers
  • They do not have to roam around the city to find passengers and waste their gasoline. They can wait for the passengers at a place and wait for the app to find them.
  • There are times when drivers’ cash is stolen. To curb this problem, we can help your driver get paid online or build a wallet for ease for the drivers and passengers.
  • We will have a rating system for the drivers and passengers so that both can provide positive and negative feedback. Negative feedback mail will reach your team to keep your business respectable in the eyes of the world.
  • We will also have the GPS fitted in the cars so that the company will have the driver’s location at all times, with drivers having the ability to switch off when they are not providing the services. It is for the safety of the passengers and the drivers in case of any Mis happenings. Similarly, they can find their passengers with the GPS, which will be enabled in their app.
  • For drivers, time is of the essence, and with GPS of the customer’s location, they can directly go there and wait, saving time and money.
  • Drivers can sign in, add the details, and the last step will be to bring to a place for physical proof of their vehicle with your company.
  • They will get notifications and SMSs from the passengers and the company as and when it will be needed.
For Passengers
  • Users will sign up and login options with a forgotten password for easy accessibility.
  • Notifications will be in real-time as well as push notifications in time of deals and offers or as per your needs
  • The passengers will be given choices as to which mode of transport they need to travel from one place to another
  • Options to add coupons and codes will be given whenever you want to give some of the customer’s freebies
  • They will be given options to book the car ASAP or schedule a booking of their car for future dates and time
  • Like the drivers, they will also have the vehicle tracking system with SOS options in time of the need
  • The calling feature will be given; the customer can call the driver either by using their own number or using VOIP to call the driver.
  • You can give customers multiple payment options with the flexibility to choose which ones they need for the ride
  • The fare will be calculated automatically, or after the ride as per the mode of transport and time the taxi is booked
  • They will be travel history of the older rides to keep track of them
  • They will be given the option to rank the rides and add comments.
  • They will be provided customer support in case the rider needs their help
Admin Panel
  • You will have all the backend features and needs at your fingertips
  • You can manage the driver information on your phone or desktop
  • Passenger management can be done to improve the conditions of the riders
  • Complaint management is there for the concerns of the driver and the customers
  • You can look at all the rides on one screen
  • There will be a live map to track all the drivers and customers who are riding the taxis at that point in time
  • Revenue management and cost management can be assessed by the administrator
  • You can download the reports and analysis for evaluations

Cost for the Taxi Mobile App Development

As per the latest statistics, it is estimated that the market might grow to USD $433 Billion by the year 2028. The CAGR is estimated to grow by 11.7% from 2022 to 2028. 

The cost of app development varies as per the following variables:

  • The number of features you need for the customers and drivers
  • Which platform do you want the app for? iOS costs a lot more than android
  • If you need any advanced features, then the cost will increase
  • The designing and UI/ UX take a lot more from your plate than anything else

So, what will be the cost – the averages come between $5500 to $16000. However, Dipole Techi delivers the best white-label solution at the most affordable rates. Do you want to develop the best mobile app development – we are the key to all your needs. Contact us Today!

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