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You must have been focusing on your business while you have given the most important task of building a mobile responsive website to a website development company. Have you ever wondered if they do not have the potential to provide a complete design makeover to your old website or the new one?

Per your thoughts, is there no point in spending your hard-earned money on meager tasks? Or maybe if you are new in this place, you must be wondering which company to choose to give you a whole package of web design and development services, then you are at the right spot. Let us ponder a few important points you should consider before finalizing one company for your project.

Let us start with something basic:

What are the things you need to do to choose the best website design agency?

Firstly, you need to go on a reconnoiter mission (maybe like Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible) to find the things you need for your website. What should be the basic outline of your website? How many pages do you need? What should be there on the home page, or do you need a one-page website which contains EVERYTHING? Yeah! You can have a website that contains everything on a single page, and you can send your imagination to overdrive.

Secondly, make a list of companies or bookmark them (I prefer to bookmark them in a folder so I can have a reference from them later) and add the features or animations you need for your website. Always have a backup plan or maybe 3 – 4 ideas in the back of your sleeves because the culmination may not always be something that you will like in one shot; it takes a lot of time and a lot of hits and trials to bring it alive.

Thirdly, make a list of do’s and don’t’s you want for your website. There are some features that you will love to have, and then there are a few which will disrupt your thoughts to avoid them; make a checklist, and always remember to convey to the companies that they can give you the best experience and you do not have to jump from one place to another in search of new companies in between your project timelines and completion deadlines.

Lastly, you need to contact a few who you think could bring your creativity to completion within your budget in the best possible time. You must have found that sometimes your words do not matter with some guys, which is when you lose interest in your project. I have always tried to get things done if I buy something new from the market to compare and then find the best company that can give me the best value and where my words and thoughts matter.

Let us avoid those inauspicious moments before they reach us and dive into the factors in detail on the things you should consider for selecting the best website design agency for your website.

Which party will own the website?

You must be wondering what is so tricky here; since it is your website, your idea so, this website must also belong to you, so you are wrong here. There are some agreements in which the website belongs to the company that designed and developed it. So, you must read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting the company’s offer.

There are times when you are in the process of finding another company to make some changes to your website, and the company who designed it deletes it without further discussions, so let us not come to that position from the beginning itself.

That is one of the main reasons you should discuss ownership with your website design agency beforehand to reduce surprises. Secondly, there is another thing- DOMAIN of your website; always remember to have it in your name such that you can keep renewing with the provider because you take the name on the lease, and it is always better to purchase it on your own. If you give up the domain name for whatever reason, another company can buy it, so keep it close to you.

What Is A SEO-Friendly Website?

SEO friendly website is something that should be there from the very beginning, and it is something the website development company should always focus on. So, like website ownership, remember to have ownership of the website’s content. Usually, the company that has designed the range has rights over the website’s content.

Secondly, the content should be engaging such that it is the first thing a customer looks at; if you have well-written content, it drives sales to your business, and ultimately you earn a profit, so keep in mind to push the company to provide you with the best customer engagement content because even the search engines look for such type of the content.

These days, Google Search Engine goes for Content Originality and the Quality of the content, so if you have content liked by the search engine, your website will be ranked higher than the website which does not have such fantastic content.

How Much Does It Cost To Build The Website?

So, it is the introductory human psychology that we always accept the company which gives us the most affordable rates and does all the basic things you need to complete the website. So, here I suppose you might be wrong again; you should not go for the essential things because, in this era, you need to have everything like the SEO (which we discussed above), social media integration, payment gateway, and many more to give the best customer experience to your future users.

So, it is always recommended to check the demo of the company which you are going to select; maybe you can check out their previous work or what their other clients have to say about their services because you will get the best real-time insights about the company which you are planning to spend money.

So, remember always to be transparent and have everything signed by both of you, which helps you evaluate and give you the best picture of your spending. Moreover, you will know that the company will be liable for all the unexpected problems that will come across during the development stage.

Here are a few latest statistics which will help you decide why you need to have a clear picture even before you give your project to a website design agency (Yes, I am going to bore you with some figures, but I promise they will help you to drive to the best decisions).

  • According to 59% of people, browsing ‘beautiful and well-designed websites is better than browsing primary sites. ( Source: Adobe )
  • 94% of first impressions of websites are influenced by design. ( Source: Research Gate )
  • In 2021, mobile devices accounted for 54.8% of internet traffic. ( Source: Statista )
  • A user’s opinion of your website is formed in 0.05 seconds. ( Source: Behaviour and Information Technology )
  • An average mobile user expects a website to load within 3 seconds. ( Source: Web Performance Guru)

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