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Top 10 Software Companies In New York, USA

The software has been the backbone of any business since the development of technology, and it has grown to new bounds after the Covid pandemic hit the economies of the world. Have you ever wondered what software development companies in USA do? They do the code. No one can imagine the world with 1s and 0s as these are the lines running in each and everything, they use these days. The smartwatch you wear to the television and to the car you drive is connected with 0s and 1s. The software can be produced at lower costs if the same repetition is used to do the constant operation with different organizations. Though if you want to develop software customized to your needs and armed with features and advanced technologies, you need to shell out a lot of money.

The software creates, manages, monitors, and does all business operations. For example, let’s say there is a Pringles company that manufactures Potato Chips. Automation software manages the demand for potatoes and orders the same to the online system, and the quantity of all the raw materials is managed automatically. Then, there is a system that takes care of the temperature and the cooking of the chips at a certain predefined temperature. The packaging and the transfer of the chips to boxes everything is managed by the software. All this works on various verticals to make the complete process and make ends meet.

It is said the software company is projected to reach $773 billion by the year 2025. In the past years, the demand for tailored software solutions has been on the rise, and here they will help you guide through the top 10 software companies in the USA, with some of them trading in the US Stock market and a few non-US companies which have been providing the best web and mobile software development services. 

List of the Top 10 Software Companies in Florida, USA

Dipole Tech Innovations (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

Dipole Tech offers a full range of services, including Website Designing, Website Development, Graphic Designing, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, and SEO. Based on the client’s needs and requirements, they create customized development software. With a strong analytical and creative skillset, their team is able to deliver what you are looking for within the timeframe you require. Their company has a reputation for providing you with the best front-end and back-end development of your website at a reasonable price. They provide clients with a complete package of solutions based on quick analytics, intelligent thinking, and market-tested strategies.

Real estate websites are designed to showcase your properties, attract potential buyers and tenants, and provide information about your services. With a well-designed website, you can make your business more visible and accessible to potential customers.  

Unified Infotech

The team at Unified Infotech transforms your visions into reality by imparting an awesome digital experience for your users. They engineer solutions that accelerate efficiency and fuel growth for their clients, including website design, development, scalable mobile apps, and SaaS platforms. Their goal since 2010 has been to achieve and push the level of performance at all times. They provide end-to-end solutions to multi-million dollar funded start-ups and small and medium businesses through technology. It is true that their offices in New York and Kolkata are a reflection of their passion for art and culture.


Founded in 1995, Simform is a company dedicated to solving complex engineering problems in the area of digital product engineering. They have been providing development services to businesses since 2010 – with a team of more than 1000 experts. Through their flexible global delivery center, engineering becomes a growth driver instead of a bottleneck. Their services include DevOps, cloud-native development, and testing that help identify and solve critical business challenges. As part of their remote agile engineering team, they maintain your company culture and work in line with your strategic goals while immersing themselves in your project.


A leading resource recruitment and software development company with headquarters in the USA, OpenXcell provides the top 1% of talent in the IT industry with highly skilled resources with over 10 years of domain experience. With their proprietary talent recruitment process, they are able to select the best resources and develop user-friendly and futuristic solutions. A one-stop destination for Business & Technology Consultancy, they offer end-to-end solutions. Through strict timelines and high-quality deliverables, OpenXcell has forged a premium brand image. The customer-centric nature of their business model makes us more reliable and easier for their clients to contact


In addition to delivering business-transforming solutions, Mangosoft emphasizes innovation, functionality, and best practices in the industry. So, they design projects that help clients increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and improve business efficiency. In addition to having offices in the US and Eastern Europe, they have delivered more than 250 projects across 30+ countries. Along with working closely with market leaders like EBRD, Electronic Arts, and TouchPress, they also have experience collaborating with middle-sized companies and startups.


Cubix is a leading provider of mobile apps, enterprise software, and games! Developer, customizer, and integrator of enterprise-level applications, business intelligence analytics, and advanced mobile and web applications. The company has worked with individuals, startups, and organizations for more than 12 years. It is their team’s constant goal to improve and master the industry’s progression. IoT, Blockchain, E-Learning, AI, Virtual Reality, SaaS, and Augmented Likewise, reality are among the technologies that are currently causing the most disruption. They have a team of qualified developers who have mastered all and are continuously improving with the industry. You can see what their clients have to say about us on their website by checking out their company portfolio and client testimonials.


CodeBright believes that technology can improve the world. Bringing Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) to the market. Therefore, they keep improving/streamlining/automating business processes, raising efficiency and productivity. Moreover, they believe in reducing costs, solving business challenges, and more areas where they work. As well as they are working with startups, small/large companies, and non-profit organizations. As award-winning software developers, they are able to handle a broad range of complex software development projects. Furthermore, they include integrations with other systems (CRMs, ERPs), data analysis, and the use of artificial intelligence to solve costly business problems. The majority of their business is generated by existing clients who have previously worked with us. Henceforth, there are clients in manufacturing, travel, transportation & logistics, healthcare, legal services, and education, to name a few.


MindK provides its clients with custom products tailored to their exact needs, helping them work smarter, not harder. Software solution development from end-to-end, test automation as a service, and DevOps as a service are their core competencies. They have delivered hundreds of software solutions to a variety of business niches over the past decade, such as recruitment and human resources, communities, construction, property management, education management, digital media, and sustainability.


Their company offers services in developing web and mobile applications. Their goal is to stay up to date with the rapidly changing technology trends and provide their clients with up-to-date software solutions. Among the company’s engineers are over 100 professionals with expertise in over 25 advanced and trusted programming languages. With their expert advice, they can identify the most efficient and effective solutions for a given product type and complexity. Therefore, they work on a project; they always keep their client’s business goals in mind. However, that is why they don’t use off-the-shelf solutions. Therefore, they tailor them to their client’s individual needs.


Evidently, a decade has passed since Cogniteq began operations. Therefore, their company has grown to include 80+ software experts working from offices. However, their offices have been in Lithuania and Poland since its foundation. As a product development company, Cogniteq’s main objective is to transform your ideas into functional products. Providing quality service and meeting the client’s expectations is their top priority in building long-term relationships. With their products, they strive to stand out and provide their partners with value. Therefore, they are successful because of their prime asset – their team. However. it is the power of people that makes Cogniteq what it is. 

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