Mobile app optimization or optimizing mobile apps is crucial in mobile app marketing. After developing any mobile application, the next question of every developer or general user is only one, that is, how to increase the visibility of the app on the relevant app store and get installs.

Does the question arise, why optimize mobile apps? The answer is that not every app gets a high ranking and greater visibility.

Here are seven tips that may help minimize latency and service interruption for end users.

  • Cache some information in the browser to speed up page load times on the client side (the efficacy of this approach will vary from one browser to the next but has improved as a whole over the past few years).
  • Use the LocalStorage API to load critical path resources such as JavaScript (beneficial if information needs to persist even after the app exits the browser).
  • Leverage cloud-based mobile delivery to serve up mobile content from servers and data centers that are geographically close to ending users (be sure to choose an option that takes both traffic load and location into account).
  • Use an HTTP persistent connection to reuse a TCP connection for multiple requests and responses (set keep-alive sessions to a short period, such as 5 minutes, and only use them when necessary to avoid excessive radioactivity).
  • Use push delivery and notifications instead of polling whenever possible. Aggregate inbound and outbound requests into as few networks call as possible (every transfer comes at a cost in terms of radio use and battery life).
  • Even if the program is still awaiting a response in the background, have the app deliver immediate feedback via the user interface. Often, all that is required to give customers the impression that an app is speedy is simply acknowledging that an activity has been initiated.
  • Keep in mind that the specifications for Wi-Fi and mobile networks are highly different. Consider requesting the user to switch to an available Wi-Fi network for streaming applications to improve the user experience.
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