Now Meta is introduced with the upcoming features of Facebook to create a profile on Professional mode.

A new feature of Facebook professional mode is available for those who have been connected with Facebook for the last many years.

Furthermore, Facebook pages acquire new abilities accessible through Facebook Business Suite and outsider applications (Apps).

Earn money with latest feature of the Facebook

With the Professional Mode, your Facebook profile looks like a page. When users apply this mode on their profile, anyone can see and follow your public content in their feed by sending a friend request. 

Although you still have the power to manage the page, who can see the content of your post? Still, when each post is published, users can choose whether it goes out to the public or is only visible to friends.

This feature is being tried with a limited number of profiles beginning today in the US, with plans to extend to more clients soon.

Soon Professional mode will be provided to more countries in the upcoming months, and more new features will be added, including more advanced features.

Latest features for coming on Facebook Professional mode

For admins, Facebook gets a Professional dashboard, in which they check and review the page performance.

The new feature is that users can schedule the post in Professional mode, which was only provided through Facebook Business Suite.

With this update, you will get a new way to earn money. Most features we can efficiently operate by the mobile which was not used earlier.


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