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How To Make An App (2023 Update)

Not long ago, an app was a luxury in software development. There were only a few companies that enjoyed the benefits of how to make an app in the era when only the top percentage could avail of a smartphone. Due to the shift in ergonomics and economies of scale, there is a smartphone in most households. As per the latest report of January 2023 by Statistica, 86.41% of the people in the world own a smartphone which is a huge jump. Therefore, if we compare the 2016 data where only 49.40% of the population has a smartphone, thus there is a massive demand for an app. We know in a smartphone, everyone uses apps to do their work; thereby, the potential to develop an iOS app or an Android app is endless.

From small business units to huge organizations, you need an app to spread information, market and sell your products and services, and provide day-to-day services like fitness, food making, taxi traveling, and food and grocery delivery applications. Whether you want to know how to make an app like uber on android or how to make an educational app – this guide is for you.

This blog will help people who do not know coding languages or who make an attempt while developing an app how to create an app. Thus, that runs successfully and carries all the compliances as per the platforms they will be installed in. 

How to Develop an App: 2023 Step-By-Step Quick Guide

Mobile app development can be complex from afar, but it becomes easy once you understand a few things which act as the backbone of the whole app. Usually, we segment this app development process into three sub-headings:
  • Pre Development Stage
  • Development Stage
  • Post Launch Stage
*Please note: Feel free to skip to any section you like, but it is always good to start from the beginning. In some, you will be able to make out the context of the whole point, while, in some, you will need the knowledge of the previous paragraphs. So, let’s begin!

Table of Content

How To Create A New App In 2023? – Introduction
  • How Long Does It Take To Make An App Like You Need For Your Business?
  • What Are The Requirements For Crafting An App In 2023?
  • Which Platform Is The Best For An App – Android Or iOS?

How To Make An App (2023 Update) Step-By-Step Guide

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How To Create A New App In 2023? – Introduction
    Before we dive into how to make an app, let us discuss some of the common questions that come to our minds. These answers will help you get insights on mobile app development to get you to start with the whole process.
    How Long Does It Take To Make An App Like You Need For Your Business?
    The time to develop an app depends on several variables and factors. Some factors explain the complexity of designing an app, like the number of features you need in your app, how the UI/ UX design should be there, and what will push notifications and add-on features you need in an app. So, three broad factors define the development time it takes for the whole process: the type of the app, the number of features, and the development process you can use to develop the app. 

    What Are The Requirements For Crafting An App In 2023?

    Usually, there is not one method for mobile app development for android and iOS because not every technique is the best for that requirements and needs. There are many factors that one has to keep in mind while making an app, like the budget of the client, how quickly they need the app, what is the industry for which they need the app. Then there are many external factors like the time of the day, the time of the season, and many more.
    So, now let’s take an example. There is a client who needs a mobile game app so that they will have the native development technology. For this, you can develop the a[[ with Kotlin, Java, Swift, or Objective C. Why is it the best option for them? They deliver the fastest and an exceptional experience to the customers. There are enhanced graphics, visuals, and custom-tailored designs for the UX. Moreover, you get better store support and are consistently ranked higher than the other apps built on non-native platforms.
    But if you need an app for day-to-day working, you only need an app built on cross-platform and mobile web apps. What are these? Let’s explain this to you in brief and to the point.

    Types of Mobile App Development

    Cross-Platform Mobile App Development is an app that one writes in one language, and you can use it on many platforms. You can bridge the app codes, cross-compile, or contain to the bytecode. Therefore, after this, you can access and execute it directly in the respective OS with the help of libraries available on that platform.
    Mobile Web App Development is a very lightweight app where it is the URL on the mobile, but the UI and UX are like a mobile app. No one can use this as an app on mobile. Still, they have slowly become the most significant paradigm of mobile app development. Developers generally use responsive or progressive web programming to develop these apps.

    Which Platform Is The Best For An App - Android Or iOS?

    If you need an answer in two words, then it’s both platforms. As per the study, if you only develop an app for android, then you are leaving behind 25% of the population. This population uses the iOS platform. Suppose you are making an app using Native Languages. In that case, the decision is expensive as different apps will be built for the two platforms. Although, now, some platforms help you make apps simultaneously for Android and iOS. Therefore, we now embark on the journey of how to make an app; here are eleven simple steps.  

    How To Make An App (2023 Update) Step-By-Step Guide

    We know it is exhilarating and tempting to start crafting a mobile app, but some steps are better to think about before you begin this journey; these few steps are critical for developing a perfect app.  

    Step 00 - Brainstorming The Idea Of Your App

    Let’s start with the step where we sit and find the idea of which is good for app development. We know there are millions of apps in the market, and how to be different, which is still there, could make you feel a bit intimidated. Maybe you have an idea of how to make an educational app or how to make an app like uber in android; then you are at the right spot.

    The main goal of developing an app is to solve a problem. Then the other step here is to find out if you have competitors developing an app just like this. Moreover, suppose you realize that someone is thinking on the same grounds. In that case, you need to bring differentiation and diversity into your app. However, it is not so always that your idea should be a new idea or innovation; it only has to be above the benchmark set by other similar apps in the market if they are. For example, you need to open an app for the hospital business to provide online consultation and other deals and offers to ease the life of your clients and patients.

    Then, that app should be able to ease the way they used to get appointments, online reminders for medicines, and subsequent appointments with the doctor. Thereby reducing the manual and automating it using an app for almost everything. 

    Step 01 - Defining The App Goals

    The process of mobile app development should always start with the goals which have to be set before the whole process is started. There are a few questions that you should ask yourself to set up the goals:
    • What are you trying to outperform?
    • What are the issues you may face for which this app will be the solution?
    • Where do you want to market this app?
    • Who will be your app audience?
    • To whom will you sell your app?
    • Who will be the final users of the app?
    Developing goals help in establishing the entire product development process. If you cannot define these objectives, then you might face issues in the app development process.
    Use these goals as the direction where you see yourself after the app is made, and you should be aiming at it continuously. It is always better to have enough resources and time to manage then during the app development process effectively. It is always to keep a set of milestones for yourself such that you can know the whole process of app development. These milestones will help you define and redefine the goals as per the latest developments such that you can start the entire process of marketing on a timely basis.
    There are many ways you can employ to know the goals which you have set are getting fulfilled on a time basis. So, do you see the difference between a goal and an objective? A goal is the end product of the activity which you did, while the objectives are the steps that you take in that direction to achieve the goals.

    Let’s use the SMART method to define our objectives!

    S – Specific
    M – Measurable
    A – Achievable
    R – Realistic
    T – Timely 

    It is always a good practice to define the goal and link it with a proper KPI. These work best when you have the events to be measured to be circulated into a dream.

    Suppose you want that your customers do not leave the cart without purchasing, so what can you do? You can give them better offers and deals if the app software finds that the customer left the app without buying. Now, you need to measure the abandonment rates with the ones when you didn’t give such services. 

    Step 02 - Conducting A Deep Market Research

    Once the goals are established, now we need to know that there are enough customers to buy the products or services we are offering. Yes, we know that the app idea could be the best on pen and paper but will it be able to bear the sands of time? For that, we need to do market research. So, how can you know what the audiences and customers want? Here are a few ways you can do market research:
    • Make and Build Surveys and Share them on Social Media Platforms.
    • Conduct interviews from a sample group of audiences
    • Start a focus group to know the areas in which you are focussing are picture perfect
    • Find and research your competition and jot down how you can outshine your app
    • Lastly, try out new different ways to make the customer experience the best such that they keep returning to the app.
    Like from the chart below, you can see which type of app has the most percentage and which segment of the market you can grasp.

    Step 03 - Finalizing The App Features

    Now, let’s think about the app’s core features which will be the focus of your app. It is seen many people think a lot of extra features add to the popularity of the app. Still, more features mean it becomes less and less user-friendly. Moreover, the primary functions of the app get hidden by many features, and it also increases cost and development time.
    Suppose you are developing an app food delivery business, then these are the basic features the app should have:
    • A Community Wall
    • Push Notifications
    • Order Delivery
    • Reminders
    • Real-Time GPS Tracking
    • Regular Surveys/ Questionnaires
    • Calendar Integrations with Google/ iOS
    • Ecommerce Features
    • Menu Ordering System
    • Videos, Images & Gifs
    • Customer Loyalty Discounts & Offers
    • Past Orders
    • Customer/ AI Chat
    Simplicity makes your app unique, and it is always suggested by us as it is essential to know before the actual development.

    Step 04 - Creating An App Wireframe

    What is a wireframe? It is a rough idea of how your app will look and function. Moreover, it is not the graphic designing of the app, as that will come later. Thus, it is the basic design of the app itself. This can be done on paper, whiteboard, or digital wireframing tools.
    The function of this is straightforward – it is to know and understand the backend functionality of the app and to know the structure and layout. Moreover, it doesn’t tell how the app will look after the development, a grim picture before the primary development process.
    It is a map of how the user will come and what they will do, and it shows what if they click on some of the features what will happen, where it will take them, and how the next page should look like – should it be like Option A or Option B? It helps to bring all the teams on the same page such that there are no conflicts between them during the development stage.

    Step 05 - Selecting A Development Method

    There are many ways to develop an app, and you will need to understand which one is the best for the type of app you have. The app method for one app cannot always be the best method for the other. There are many factors in play when it comes to app development techniques. Here are we explain in brief about each of the ways:

    How To Create A New App With Native Technology?

    It is the method where you will need a mobile app development company to develop an app for you. Here low-level coding is used, and it becomes easy to hire a company for the same. Suppose you are planning to create an app for Android and iOS. In that case, it is beneficial to have a separate development for both of the platforms.
    Each platform has its programming libraries and languages. Moreover, it is always good to have two developers or more such that the app’s work for both platforms keeps going side-by-side. However, while hiring app developers for iOS and Android, you will also need to hire a full-stack developer to make the backend of the whole infrastructure in the cloud.
    Therefore, native technology gives you the flexibility of app development which will be user-friendly and fully customized. Thus, it is always the best option to make an app from scratch rather than making other apps. Although, these app building using Native Language is expensive and takes a long time to build and launch.

    How To Create A New App With Hybrid Technology?

    Hybrid App Development is one of the most cost-effective ways to make an app. It mainly relies on JavaScript, which is a hybrid technology. Here you can make an app in a go and deploy it on different platforms. A Javascript developer knows how to write in Java and make it a shot in Android and iOS.  
    The flexibility is still high but not as native, but still, there are many things that you can accomplish. This app development tech saves time and money. Still, the cons will be the performance and quality will not be as the native technology.  

    Step 06 - Researching Existing & Future Tech Solutions

    This is the final step in the pre-development stage, where you research the existing systems available in the market. It is always feasible to explore before we use the resources and valuable time to develop something new from scratch.  
    In terms of hosting, designing, infrastructure, push notifications, and analytics, it is better to search online for existing solutions. It is generally said to rent the servers from the existing solutions rather than buying new ones.  
    It is always cheaper to make something from a pre-build setup that is there, helps to reduce costs, make it more affordable to develop, reduces the time to deploy, and uses fewer resources.  
    Do you want to know how much does it cost to make an app? Read more.  

    Step 07 - Setting Technical Specifications

    Take the wireframes we have created and use them in the tech specifications.  
    These are the inner coding and how everything works behind the scenes. Sometimes, it is best to move things logically around because it saves time and money for the app development process.  
    The developer has to access the technical challenges – not just the ones which are visually there in the wireframe designs. These can save months where we can deliver the app before time or spend extra time in testing and making changes as per the needs. It is said everything is user experience, but if the tech specs can be shortened, it reduces development time as well.  

    Step 08 - Setting Up Effective & Efficient Milestones

    Milestones are one of the best ways to check the development of the app and how much progress is being made. Without proper benchmarks, we cannot track the whole app development process.  
    The basic idea is to separate the whole project into smaller chunks so that it is much easier to access both the company and the client. Moreover, it always has smaller projects which we can finish quicker than the ones which take longer to complete because of our vast.  
    Each small milestone can be finished within days to a few weeks depending upon the complexity of the app. The client can measure these milestones and check which is doing better and how to improve or the issues causing the delay.    
    Usually, there are two methods of how software developers work. Agile Development and Scrum Development are the two best options. (To read more about this, Click Here.)    

    Step 09 - Building An MVP

    App Development is likely limitless because we are constantly trying to make it more efficient and top of the mark. Sometimes, the developers lose sight of the main project. Therefore, it is always good to have an MVP ready and then work on the other additional functionalities of the app    
    Thus, MVP is the backbone of the project, and it has the necessary components which are needed to make the app work. It is always the best thing if the core functionalities are working correctly. Suppose you are building a food delivery app.    
    The MVP of the project will be able to display menus of the restaurants, book an order, track an order, and ensure you get the delivery. All other things like designs, images, videos, and all other extra features take a backseat in the MVP Development Process. It is just a test app for the main app, which the developer will build upon this structure.    

    Step 10 - Quality Assurances & Testing

    Once the MVP is done and there is an app in working condition, the testing of the app begins. The app has to be tested on both mobile platforms. There are many test scenarios that the tester has to come up with. Therefore, the person will have to check everything from beginning to end and vice versa.
    Moreover, one has to ensure that the apps work on every device and platform, both offline and online. Sometimes the app works correctly on one phone, but it will not work on the other, so it is not always best to assume it is good on all devices.      
    One should never undermine the QA process because it is the specialists who find the problems and send them back to the developers and make them right. It might be a long process because everything should be perfect before the app is launched in the market.      
    The app cannot be perfect when launched in the market, but it should not have any bugs or errors. It is because it undermines the long-term success of the app.        

    Step 11 - Deployment Across Platforms

    Now is the time to deploy the app all over the online stores of android and iOS. The primary focus should be maximum uptime and the visibility of the app. It is always good to ensure that the app is good for the end user.
    So, while submitting, there are many requirements by different play stores that one should fulfill before you can launch the app on the Play Store.      
    So, now you have deployed the app on the online app stores, and we know no app is perfect anytime so soon. It is always best to keep working with the company that has made your app because they know the inside-out of the app. Get the app regularly updated with the latest changes and regular new bugs after the updates.        

    Yes, it is a continuous process. While updating, it is best to use the same method used during the app development process.

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    Ans. The entertainment and travel taxi apps make the most money.

    Ans. It costs from $10000 to $500000. It depends upon the type of app you want to be made.

    Ans. Yes, you can, but the features and the customizations won't be possible in those free apps.

    Ans. It takes time for a beginner to make an app, but yes, you can develop it once you have the appropriate knowledge.

    Ans. You can follow the steps which are needed for the pre-development of the app and then get your app developed from us and launch it in the market.

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