Every business website use google map to increase his business. it play a very important role to optimize the website. it is used to improve Search Engine Optimization(SEO). it is help to locate your business location and increase the area of your business.

There are some benefit to add google map to your website;

1. it is helpful to increase your website Search Engine Optimization.
2. it enable your client to get direction to your business form wherever they are.
3. it is helpful to to find the review of your business.

How to integrate google map in WordPress ?

Many beginner are facing problem to integrate a google map in WordPress website.
There are many different way to add google map in website.
but In this article, we will show you how to add Google Maps in WordPress in two
basic and simple method.

1. Adding a Google Map Manually in WordPress.

Step.1 Simply go to Google map website and type the address which you want to show.
Step.2  When you find the location then click the share button. the embed code will appear.
Step.3  Click the Embed map and copy the i-frame code in html format.

Step.4 Go to your WordPress website and paste the code in a page, or a template.
That’s all, save your page and you can see Google map live on your site.

2. Adding a Google Maps in WordPress Using a Plugin.

If you want more flexibility on your website where your map is placed, you may use a dedicated plugin. The WP Google Maps plugin, it enables to create custom maps and generate short codes for each of them.
Short codes are a simple way to add features to your WordPress pages and Template. Like widgets. In addition, with this plugin you can add multiple markers to your map and add a store locator.

Step.1 Install WP Google Maps plugin form plugin section.
Step.2 After installing WP Google Maps, you’ll see a new Maps section in your dashboard:
Step.4 You can see the various options here, in order to customize your map’s size, location, and more.
Once your map is set up, don’t forget to save it.
Step.5 Locate its shortcode under Maps > General Settings > Shortcode. Copy this snippet of code, and paste it into any page, or template.
That’s it.



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