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Since the pandemic hit the world, most customers have shifted to online stores to buy products and services. As more and more people are going online, there is a boom in eCommerce stores which has brought Shopify Plus Development into existence. We used to have Shopify even before 2020, but its popularity has grown due to the flexibility it provides to its subscribers. Yes, brick-and-mortar stores are the beginnings that are getting converted to online stores, with advertisements reaching audiences in millions of locations. 

Though you will find hundreds of platforms to make your eCommerce store, Shopify is one of the most popular and used mediums to build websites. It has simplicity, uniqueness, and smooth functioning are some of the most needed features of today’s world with aesthetic themes. Making an online store from scratch is always complicated, as many components and variables need to be made and attached. The smooth working of all the systems creates a lot of fuzz, which could cloud the main objective of the working website.

Let us first explain what Shopify is and how you can use it in your upcoming or already established store.

Shopify is an all-in-one SaaS eCommerce tool that enables users to create, develop and maintain their online store for a fee, and it is mostly subscription basis. This tool helps you build the complete online store you have always dreamt of – with its streamlined integration with one of the best tools on the internet to keep track of all your business prerequisites. Moreover, with Shopify, you also get physical POS (point of sale) tools, and you have the ability to manage and monitor your inventory on any of your devices.

It is a complete ecosystem that has the tools, integrations, extensions, and applications for you to choose from and apply on your website. It offers a complete step-by-step guide to launching and selling your products and services online. It helps you to build a new website, modify the current one or just add an extension and plugin to make your existing store Shopify enable with complete APIs and Shopify App Store.

Advantages Of Building An Online Store On Shopify

Shopify is a cloud-based eCommerce development company that helps you integrate your design, connect with the payment gateways, and set up off-page and on-page SEO; you can start all this with a meager price of $29/ month. If it is a bit expensive, think again because once your business grows, these costs will be recouped once your profits grow to attract thousands of customers to your website.

Easy to Create & Manage – Hosting matters the most when we build a website online. And with Shopify, you get the highest quality hosting which gives you the best speed anyone can contact you. The rest depends on you and your optimization, which you need to do for your website on Shopify to keep it at lightning speed. A Shopify website developer with experience and skills can help you get a personalized and tailored website according to your needs and the features and pages you want the website to have. It usually takes half a week or 3 – 4 days to make a basic design with the products and the categories. But, like we at Dipole Tech help you get a complete customized Shopify website with the designers and designs as per the client, it might take close to three months or so. Moreover, to sweeten the deal, you can look at how your website looks – you can get the Shopify Trial for three days without any credit card and no strings attached.

Off-Page & On-Page SEO Optimization – SEO Optimization is the critical factor in helping you promote your website. Shopify enables you to make a website with complete off-page and on-page SEO development with the best SEO tools. You need to do an in-depth and proper analysis of the products which are the best sellers and answer the queries on your website that the user usually asks about. Regardless of what kind of store or website you have, the SEO keywords – long tail and short tail it is the first and most crucial optimization which is needed. It is always the best policy to employ mid-volume or low-competitive keywords for your pages. Once you have done the optimization process, you can connect with various platforms like Facebook Pixel, Twitter, Analytics, and many more. 

Distinctive Brand Identity – Brand identity refers to the design, logo, language, scheme, and many more – the things to which the customer connects emotionally. These are one of the primary factors for the customer to differentiate a website and the brand from each other. A brand identity is everything; therefore, a customized website will help you achieve that. We help you make a website with distinct colors, layout, website design, and eCommerce updations which can help you get the best of all the integrations in one platform. With the right team, you will have the website of the style the way you want and personalize it as per your tastes and features.

Improved User Experience – It is how the customers will connect with your website. If you provide a good user experience, customers will be willing to return, leading to low bounce rates. Every small thing done to keep the end user in mind can give you huge benefits once the site is up and running. It includes everything from navigational options, animations, responsiveness, and getting the items from the product page and navigating them to the cart and log-out page. There are many Shopify theme development companies that make customized themes as per your preferences.

Enhanced ROI – Once the website is on the web and it is getting orders from various locations, the popularity grows, thus making your website and you self-sustaining. However, with the increase in the number of orders, it is always necessary to have an increase in staff because if the orders are shipped on time, it will have a positive outlook for your website, which can convert other website competitors’ customers to your website as well. With the increase in revenue, automation can significantly help you control the supply, manage, and monitor the various processes in your business and find out vulnerabilities long before they become a problem for your business.

Secure Shopping Experience – With the growth of businesses going online, cyber attacks on businesses have been on the rise as well. A report shows that after 2017, online shopping fraud cases have been growing by over 30% YoY basis. Your website is always needed to be never breached because you will find the customers will not come back due to fear of loss of information. If you are going to get your website custom-made, ensure that the platform supports SSL and HTTPS certification, which comes in handy to secure your website. The SSL helps to encrypt sensitive information, and Shopify strictly adheres to all these rules. It also has the PCI Data Security Standards to safeguard business data information.

Numerous Payment Options – It is always good to have all the types of payment gateways one can have as they are the key places that can make a customer rethink his options to buy the product or service. Depending upon where you want your website to be shown, ensure that you have all the payment options to ease the payment process for the users and audiences whom you want them to convert for you. 

24/ 7 Customer Support – They have robust customer support, especially if you are complaining about something not working on the website. They have the features like live support, call support, and email support to help you in your time of need. This anytime premium support can help you a lot because when you have customers from different parts of the globe, it is always essential to have this kind of support.

The process to build a Shopify Website from Scratch

  1. Choose which plan you want from the Shopify Pricing Plans, and it is the best thing that you can continually update the plans as per your needs. They have basic plans which have everything from creating, storing, shipping, and payment process system already installed. Then they have a Shopify plan which has everything of the basics with additional reporting and staff accounting tools to help you manage your team and their accounts. The advanced plans have all the features with custom reporting plans and the lowest transaction fees, which can be profitable, provided you have 100000s sales and orders per month. Then, they have a starter pack, which allows you to sell products through social media apps and platforms.
  2. Now, decide the target audience where you want to sell your products and the delivery charges which will be feasible for you. Take into account the Demographics, Locations, and Interests, which will be the most crucial part of analyzing your business needs.
  3. Then, you have to make a list of the products and services customized to each location and how you plan to deliver them as and when you get the order. You can sell many items which are either trending, or you are manufacturing them, reselling, or just drop shipping. You can ask the influencers, personal passion products, trends of the time, and other competitors.
  4. Now, you have to create a website keeping in mind the audiences and how you want to display your products in the market. Always have a unique business idea; buy a domain that will be associated with you and the spiciest logo to attract customers. Lastly, the original non-stock images of the products can significantly improve sales.
  5. Connect a payment gateway that you want your online store to have and a site map which will simplify your process and also help in personating a user about how they will be moving on the website. The website structure can significantly help you promote your business.
  6. Launch your store on the internet and get the advertising and marketing done. You see, the launching is just the first step. The second most important step is marketing. We help you with marketing and SEO optimizations, which are needed to rank your website on the first page of search engine results.
  7. Or, you can skip all this hard work and ask Shopify experts to develop a customized website for you while you take care of other things.

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      1) Is Shopify one of the best e-commerce platforms?

      Ans. Yes, in 2022, Shopify will be one of the best platforms to develop an eCommerce store. It is flexible, with affordable pricing and unlimited build apps and features for your requirements.

      2) How does a Shopify store work in reality?

      Ans. It is a SaaS platform that provides solutions and services to consumers who want to start their business online by providing all-in-one services in one place.

      3) Is Shopify safe to order products?

      Ans. Yes, Shopify is one of the safest platforms because it employs the highest level of security, like SSL, HTTPS, and PCI.

      4) Do big companies use Shopify also?

      Ans. Shopify came into being in 2004, and since then, it has been the world’s top-rated platform providing services to start-up, medium-scale, and big-scale companies. Renowned brands like WaterAid, New York Times Shop, and The Economist work on this platform.

      5) What is Shopify Plus?

      Ans. It is a plan for big businesses that integrates every software into one and helps them reduce costs and improve ROI. This plan offers 99% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited transactions, and many more.

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