Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented Reality App Development

As an AR app development company, we focus on innovatively engaging the on-the-go consumer with Augmented Reality applications, one of the hottest digital transformation trend driving innovation in major industries today. Our team comprise tech savvy professionals, eager to explore and uncover the endless possibilities of Augmented Reality technology within the realms of experiential marketing, education, automotive, manufacturing, publishing, healthcare etc.

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AR App Development and Consulting

Our app consulting experts assist you in choosing the right type of AR application (marker-based, markerless, superimposed etc.) to address your project requirements. Our development team formulates data- driven strategies and prepares a roadmap to seamlessly carry out the development process in a phased manner. We develop cross-platform augmented reality apps that enhance your brand value with significant user engagement. Our developers use agile methodologies to build interactive web and mobile apps with personalized content and dynamic interfaces AR-based image recognition apps Location-based AR apps AR apps for e-commerce

AR App UI/UX Design

We adhere to the prominent design guidelines and industry standards to create dynamic app interfaces that drive maximum engagement. Our design team uses advanced UI/UX design tools and universal style guides to build immersive app designs that enhance user experiences. Our UI/UX design services are conducive to building high-quality AR apps that neatly represent virtual elements in a real-world environment AR app UI UX design Immersive App Interfaces Function prototype

AR App Integration

Our AR integration services improve your app performance and enhance its existing capabilities through custom integrations with third-party applications or services. Our development team is skilled at scaling your AR-based web/mobile app to address dynamic user requirements and the expanding userbase. We strengthen your AR application with with increased security, flexibility, and interoperability with end-to-end cloud integrations Custom AR integrations AR VR integrations End-to-end app testing

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our Augmented Reality app development services include 360- degree software testing and quality assurance. We have a team of experienced QA engineers who holistically test your application to detect bugs and software glitches that may impact its performance. Our quality assurance services ensure that your AR application is bug-free and renders the desired performance for maximum user satisfaction Automation Testing Usability, Accessibility Testing End-to-end Performance Testing and Analysis

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